Terms and Conditions

Merchandise Exchange Policy

Our exchange policy lasts 7 days. If 7 days have passed since your purchase, we can’t offer you an exchange.

To be eligible for a exchange, your merchandise item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.


We do not offer refunds on merchandise or memberships for any reason.

Membership Waiver and Terms

LAW APPLICABLE: Alberta provincial law governs this agreement.
THE ‘CLUB’: Alpine Health Clubs Inc.
INVALID PROVISIONS: If any part of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the agreement will be valid and enforceable.
ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This agreement compromises the entire agreement pertaining to membership and no other agreement of any kind, verbal understanding or promise whatsoever will be recognized or binding on us.
All provisions hereof bind the member in the same way as printed on the front of this agreement. Neither you nor we may change this Agreement unless such changes are agreed to in writing, signed by both you and us
with the exception of calculation errors and automatic fees listed on the front of the Agreement.
SIGNERS OF AGREEMENT: You are individually responsible to full perform all obligations under this agreement. It is your responsibility to know whether this agreement is in default or that payments have been missed.
We are not responsible to notify you of late payments, or any default proceeding, unless required to do so under applicable law.
NO WAIVER OF RIGHTS: We do not waive our right to have future payments made when due if we accept a late or partial payment or delay the enforcement of our rights on any occasion.
PREPAYMENT: You may prepay the entire amount you still owe at anytime.
DEFAULT: You are in default if we do not receive an installment of payment from you on or before the date is due. Upon default of any payment as shown on the front of this agreement, the Club its assignee or agent, may at its option and upon 10 days verbal and/or written notices to the member, declare the whole or any part of the balance to be immediately due and payable and the member hereby agrees to pay a processing fee of $35 for each payment missed. If the member does not pay the balance or payments where due, the member agrees to pay all legal expenses which the club may incur in collecting the total balance due.
SERVICE CHARGES: Member agrees to pay the service charges levied against any payments returned to the Club
PROMISE TO PAY: The member promises to pay the Club or its assignees the down payment and the total payments as show on the front of this agreement to the address shown above unless the member receives a notice in writing to make payment to another address.
ASSIGNMENT: The member acknowledges and agrees that this agreement and promise to pay may be assigned by the Club at its sole option to a third party provided that the member shall receive such notice in writing of any such assignment.
HOURS OF OPERATION: The Club reserves the right to alter the days and hours of operation if deemed necessary.
MEMBERSHIP DEFINITIONS: A “Paid in Full Membership” shall entitle the member to the use of the facility for a period of months as shown above which also indicates the expiration date. There shall be no renewal rights other than the current rate structure in effect at the time of his/her expiry unless otherwise indicated. If it is a “Pre-Authorized Membership”, the expiry date will be the anniversary date. The payment will continue beyond the anniversary date to allow the member to continue his/her membership without having to pay another fee. However, the member may be subject to changes in the monthly dues according to the rate structure in effect at time of his/her anniversary or due to rate increases throughout the year.
ACCEPTANCE: “Acceptance” when used herein shall mean execution of this application and agreement by an authorized signatory of the Club and deliver of a copy of same to the member.
OBLIGATIONS: the member agrees that any failure on his/her part to take advantages of the privileges of membership shall not relieve the member from obligation; regardless of the circumstances; top pay for this membership in full unless otherwise provided herein.


  1. MEDICAL APPROPRIATENESS: the member hereby stipulates that the member is physically healthy and that the member has medical approval to proceed with a normal routine exercise. The member hereby releases
    and hold harmless the Club, its officers, employees, agents and any other affiliated companies from any liability with respect to injury of any and all nature to me or my personal property arising out of or connected with
    my exercise participation, martial arts participation, or the use of fitness equipment. The member does not have any of the symptoms of a communicable disease, nor does the member have any reason to quarantine, according to the recommendations and orders of Alberta Health. The member knowingly and willingly consents to martial arts instruction and participation during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. USE OF FACILITIES: It is expressly agreed that all exercises and use of all facilities shall be undertaken at the member’s own risk, and the Club and any affiliated companies shall not be liable for any claims, demands,
    injuries, actions or causes of action whatsoever to member or property arising out of, or connected with the use of any of the services and/or facilities of the Club, or the premises where the same are located and the
    member does hereby expressly forever release and discharge the Club and/or any of their affiliated companies from, all such claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of actions and from all facts of active or passive negligence on the part of such companies, corporations, clubs, centers, their servants, agents or employees. In case of any accident, member agrees and conceded that he/she will be examined at his/her sole expense by a licensed physician who shall report in writing to both parties. This membership is for the exclusive use of the member whose name are shown on the front of this agreement.
  3. DAMAGE TO FACILITIES: Member agrees to pay an extra charge for damages arising from any careless use of equipment and facilities caused by member. Should any club location or facility be closed and completely
    unavailable for member’s use due to Order of Government, act of God, catastrophe or accident, maintenance, repairs or any other reason at the sole option of the Club, member’s membership time shall be extended for a period equals to the time of such unavailability or at the option of the Club, the member may be transferred to another club within the accordance with the expirations of lease or other management needs at the sole discretion of Club and member agrees to accept Club decision as final. If the location is closed permanently, the Club will make every reasonable attempt to provide member with the rights to use another club.
  4. RIGHT TO TERMINATE, OR CHANGES SERVICES, RATES AND FACILITES: It is agreed by the member that the Club at its sole and absolute discretion, may cancel any member’s membership for any violation of the Club’s regulations and policies. It is further agreed that all regulations, policies, facilities, locations, services, hours, rates, annual or monthly dues, member’s fees and charges, are subject to change without notices at the sole discretion of Club and member agrees to accept Club decision as final.
  5. REFUNDS AND TRANSFERS: Absolutely no funds are refundable for any reason. Memberships are not transferable.
  6. VOLUNTARY MEMBERSHIP SUSPENSION: Members may request a suspension of membership for illness or injury. No suspension will be effective until members have emailed the Club with a request to suspend. Each suspension will be for a minimum of 1 month and maximum 3 months. Members will continue to pay membership dues during any suspension period, but the term of my membership will be extended by the length of the suspension. Requests for membership suspension or re-activation must be done by email, they will not be accepted over the phone or in person. Members will pay $10 administration fee for each suspension of
    membership. No suspensions can be back-dated under any circumstances.
  7. PERSONAL ITEMS: It is understood and agreed that the corporation, company, clubs and/or their servants, agents and employees are not responsible for lost or stolen articles of clothing or any other lost articles or possessions or personal property.
  8. CLUB CAPACITY: The Club states that during its regular hours of operations, that there could be three levels of capacity attendance of members, minimum capacity, average capacity and maximum capacity and it is incumbent upon the member at which of these times he/she prefers to use the facilities. The Club has the right to restrict member use of the facility based on capacity.
  9. RULES, REGULATIONS AND POLICIES as provided above are part of the membership agreement and members are obligated to observe and comply with the same. Reasonable changes if necessary, regarding the
    health, protection or safety of members, may be posted from time to time around the Club. All membership agreements shall be subject to strict compliance there with Failure by members to so comply shall permit the Club to suspend Member’s use of the facility for a period of up to six (6) months. Suspension does not relieve Members of monthly payment obligation. Any suspension period will be added to the expiration date of this
  10. PRIVACY: The Club collects and uses your personal information primarily for the purpose of providing you with the products and services requested from us. All of the Club’s products and services are governed by our Privacy Policy. The Club may also contact you from time to time about your membership account or to conduct market research & surveys in an effort to continually improve our product and service offerings. The Club may share y our information with select third parties who are acting on our behalf as account information to a reporting bureau, for the purpose of collecting overdue amounts and updating appropriate credit information.
    A copy of our Privacy Policy can be provided to you upon request.
    REPRESENTATION: You represent and warrant to us that all information supplied by you on the reverse is true and that you are physically able to use the services and/or the facilities at 5023 4 Ave, Edson, Alberta.
    A) You agree to abide by the rules, regulations and privileges of membership outlined herein, and posted throughout the facility.
    B) You agree that while you participate in the Club’s Services and facilities your conduct will at all times be such that is presents no danger to other members or staff, and does not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other members or staff, or disrupt the staff performing their duties.
    C) We reserve the right to take whatever action is deemed necessary to ensure that you or any guest of yours comply with our rules, regulations and privileges. The Club at its absolute discretion, may suspend or cancel the rights and privileges of membership of any member for any reason at any time.

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