A Magical Guild

by Charity Nason

The Arashi do Edson club is like being part of a magician guild. The embodiment of intelligent studies into the field of magic. Both experienced mages and their apprentices can train here conduct research into new magical spells and techniques. Under the watch of its Master – (The owner of its guild). Which we all know that if magic did exist. Magic would be in everyone and not limited to certain individuals. It can be taught and learn by anyone who spends time on it. Just like being part of this club. Anyone can join and can succeed. Even those with health and learning disabilities “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long”.  Think of this club/guild as one big happy family. That’s what we are… one big happy family!

Our professors are the most powerful masters of the guild. They’re like our parents and we are their children no matter what age. They teach us and watch us grow. Their magic is like gravity – they can make objects float or levitate. This also could be used to transport or move heavy objects. With this magic the gravitational pull of an object or person could be increased or decreased, allowing them to jump higher or fall more slowly. Which is what our master teaches to us every class. Of course, our master’s fellow the important linage that they were taught by our grand masters, and they’re part of the magic council – (They oversee everyone from afar and keep all the guild masters in line to make sure they are teaching the right ways.)

Our Instructors (S+ mage), Assistant (S mage), Advanced (mage) and fundamentals (apprentice) all play a role too. Think of us as the elemental 4. (Fire, Water, Earth, and Air). Its basically a cycle. There isn’t one all powerful one. Al thou Instructors and Assistants aren’t quite at the level as our professors. However, we do play a role in class. We are the eyes and ears. We work directly under them. If both professors can’t make it to class. They’ll ask any of the instructors to fill in to teach. Assistants start & end class with warm up and cool downs. If their a new apprentice, the assistant are usually paired up with them. You can get this special position by going through a course at any belt level. Advanced are belts with color (Blue > Purple > Brown > Black). Fundamentals are beginners (White). To become an advanced, you must complete your white belt journey with a total of 4 stripes that’ll you’ll get 2 stripes a year if you work hard. As it is for any belt level it roughly takes around 2 years to complete. But don’t be scared away just yet. At each belt level there are so many different techniques, challenges, and its own difficulties. Just like trying to gain your energy to harness your magic and spells. It all takes time and focus.

In my opinion all fundamental/apprentices have the power to weld crush and or explosive magic. Because at the beginning they’re at their most powerful. The ability to smash everything they encounter. If the user is unfocused, they may run out of energy unintentionally, exhaustion: lower down heart rates and have difficulties continue in physical activities. As you train and focus, you’ll harness your magic in ways that it won’t take up so much energy. You’ll start to achieve your breathing, react quickly, and keep your strength. We all went through this in the beginning.

Now as for my journey, hi my name is Charity, I’m an assistant and a blue belt 2 stripes at this moment writing this testimony. I started training in Oct 2020. 1 suffer through some learning disabilities (Social Anxiety, ADD and Dyslexia). Brazilian jiu-jitsu became my therapy. Al, thou I do suffer though these learning disabilities it doesn’t stop me from participating. If anything, this art changed me to become a better person in life. It changes my lifestyle and outlook in everyday life. Of course, it doesn’t cure my disabilities, but it made it better to cope with.  Every time I’m in class. I’m making members laugh because my 1st and only language is English. But I barely understand it myself. I’ll say something that to me made sense but its not. In all good and fun behavior. I’m not being judge and I still feel welcomed.

Why I choose to make this into a magical setting testimony. Because I think of this club as a guild and magic flows within us all. There are tournaments and roll a thon. If you wanted to test your skill level – you can. Just like entering one of those magical colosseums. Unleashing your magic wouldn’t be a problem. Some can catch on quickly and some others can’t. I have problems catching on quickly. I’m not judge for it. This guild we can call home, grow as a family, help each other along through our darkest hour, we can become stronger, gain confidence, make friends and be healthier. They’re so much more you can gain if you join. Whatever path and goals you wish to have happen. You can make it happen and achieve it. We as your friends and family will help you along the way.


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